Stockton, CA / by Tressa Jones

Last week I traveled to Stockton, CA to work with Studio Art and Design students at the University of the Pacific. In collaboration we created a printstillation in the school’s Design Building. Thank you to the U of P students for your creativity and hard work, and to the Department of Art and Graphic Design for inviting me to create this piece!

Migration in the Delta, 2019, screenprint installation, University of the Pacific’s Department of Art and Graphic Design, Stockton, CA

Each winter along the Pacific Flyway waterfowl, geese, shorebirds, and waterbirds migrate from Alaska, Canada, and Siberia to South America, and Patagonia. California’s Central Valley is a major throughway of this route; migrating birds join the resident species of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta’s wetlands wintering sites. In Migration in the Delta the complex Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta offered aesthetic inspiration for a matrix of screenprints featuring water, which was then marked with rhythmic screenprints of bird species that visit the region each winter. Cumulatively this piece stands as reminder of movement and passage of time in nature while honoring the rich habitat thriving in California’s Sacramento Valley.