Artist Statement

As time passes distance forms and that something becomes harder to reach, blurry, less physical.  I am interested in visually translating this distance; expressing an abstraction as a concrete form.

My artistic research focuses on print media as a means to expose the passage of time and its consequential sensations of loss and absence. While investigating the physical and psychological experiences of absence, loss, and uncertainty I consider the body, space, and place. Physically translating the abstract marks of passing moments left on landscapes and built environments or of a body’s gestures allows me to make connections to the phenomena of time.

Print media possesses the ability to physically represent time through the multiple, labor, and delayed satisfaction; for these reasons I choose to spotlight it in my artistic practice. In order to emphasize the distance and absence that forms as time passes I employ a muted palette  and an elegant, minimal aesthetic. The works are two and three-dimensional,  functioning best when dictated by the space in which they exist. By overtly aestheticising compositions I demonstrate a desire for order, logic, and control over the uncontrollable. The uncontrollable is synonymous with the work's continuous themes: the value of time and and the inevitability of loss. 


Tressa Jones was born and raised in Massachusetts and has since lived throughout the United States. She received a BS from the University of Massachusetts and a MFA from the University of Montana. Her artistic practice and research investigate time, memory, and perception: as experienced through the body, landscapes, and built environments. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and in 2018 she will participate in the 9th International Printmaking Biennial in Douro, Portugal. Tressa currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.